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-519 errors in Retrospect Client 6.1

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I'm running the most recent version of the client (I believe 6.1.107), and about once every week and a half, the client software quits, leading to a -519 error from the backup computer.


I thought this problem was fixed in 6.1? Evidently not, although this is a pretty recent phenomenon.

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-519 happens often here, when a laptop user unplugs his/her computer in the middle of the backup and leaves the office.


I would look for a network problem here. Do you have ANY other kind of network problems? Such as network volumes that suddenly unmounts? Bad wireless network?

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It's not a network problem. The client software just stops running. If I restart it, I can re-run the backup job. There aren't any network problems on the network. Network shares from the client computer remain mounted, and all other network services are unaffected. Every time I get a -519 error, I go to the client computer, launch Retrospect Client, and sure enough, the client is off. Turning it back on fixes the problem, until the next time it turns itself off.

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