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Corrupted Volumes Database

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I've been using Retrospect 6.1 without problems to back up my Apple PowerBook and two clients, without any problems for some time. I'm running OS X Tiger on all the units.


A couple of days ago I began to get an error message that I can't solve. "Subvolume (my user file) is unavailable. Please insert it's volume and try again." I also get the same message regading my Library file.


The files in question work fine for all other tasks on my computer. The backup continues to back up my client computer(s) with out any problem.


Whrn I examine Retrospect "Volumes Database" I note that my hard drive and user folder icons are dimmed and containes a circle with what looks like a "u" in tha circle. Another, duplicate, icon for the same hard drive also appears within the Desktop that's not dimmed.


Any ideas?

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hi joe,


not sure what happened here (did you have any hard crashes recently?) but i think that if you highlight the 'dimmed' Volumes and hit the 'delete' keyboard then Retrospect will 'forget' them and you should be able to get back to normal.


you only need the 'not dimmed' Volumes.

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