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backing up clients using DHCP

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In my office, I use fixed addresses for every computer that gets remotely backed up via Retrospect. This can be a bit of a problem for my laptop users, as then when they go offsite and try to hook into a public wired or wireless network, they have to monkey with all their settings to get DHCP operational again -- and, of course, when they come back, I have to restore fixed IP addresses.


It's a big pain in the butt. And I wish I didn't have to do it. Do I? Is there some way that Retrospect (6, on the Mac) can be setup so that clients (both Windows XP and Mac OS X) can use DHCP settings? A script or something that makes the client check in with the server?

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hi urza,


yes, this should work right out of the box unless your network is not allowing multicast.


you should be able to install Retrospect server on a computer and then the Client on another and do a 'configure->clients->network' and pick it up.


on another note: why aren't you using 'locations' in OS X?




seems like a no brainer. you may be able to do something like that in Windows too. why make things hard for yourself?

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Check out the following articles:


"Advanced Networking"

pp 171-175

EMC Dantz Retrospect User's Guide, version 7.0



"Advanced Networking"

pp 119-123

Dantz Retrospect User's Guide, version 6.5



How do I find out the IP address of a client so I can access it directly?

KB Article #6099



Retrospect and DHCP Clients

KB Article #5886



"Mac OS 7/8/9 clients don’t renew DHCP leases while waiting for shutdown"

EMC Retrospect 7.5 for Windows Read Me


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