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Backup not on destination drive

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I'm running Retrospect 6.1.126 on a 20" iMac running OS 10.4.5. I wiped a partition on an external drive (which had been successfully used for backups), then backed up to that partition. After Retrospect completed a 4.2 GB backup, I looked at the partition but found nothing--it was still clean. I found a backup file and a catalog file on my hard drive. Why didn't the backup go to the external drive? What did I do wrong? In the past, the backups went to the proper external drive.

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Why didn't the backup go to the external drive?



It sounds as if you saved the File Backup Set to the wrong place when you originally created it.


If the Backup Set pair (foo and foo.cat) on the internal drive contain the 4.2 GB you were expecting, you can copy those files to your intended external drive, then delete them from the internal drive. Then in Retrospect, Forget the old Backup Set and use the "more" button to locate the new one (or double click the Backulp Set on the new drive and it will add itself to the Backup Set list).



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