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Firewire REV Drive not visible in Retrospect

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We just retired our old OS 9 backup server, and have switched to a Mac Mini (with the Intel Chip) backing up to an Iomega REV drive via Firewire. The drive mounts on the desktop, but Retrospect doesn't see it as a device. Suggestions anyone? Mac OS 10.4.5, Retrospect Workgroup 6.1.126, Driver Update

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hi phil,


i have two suggestions that are independant of each other:


1) although you don't say so, i think you are trying to do a 'Removable Disk' backup-->don't. do a 'File' backup and save it to the REV.


2) 'Special->Preferences->Media Handling->Use hard drives as removable disks'--if you insist on doing a 'Removable Disk' backup.

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Hey waltr.


Thanks. I think the problem lies with Iomega. Just chatted with their tech support. I realized that while a REV disc mounts to the desktop, I can't write anything to the disc at all. Iomega says Intel based Macs need a yet to be released upgrade to function. They said I could check back in a few weeks. See their post at Iomega Firewire REV Support Page. More to come, I guess.

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