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Retrospect backup over Mac OS X Server (Tiger) VPN

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Hey all,


I'm trying to set up Retrospect to back up remote Mac OS X clients that log into the network via the built-in Mac OS X VPN (PPTP). VPN is served via Tiger Server.


Every time the client VPN connects, Tiger Server assigns the client a different IP address (out of the IP pool configured in the PPTP VPN settings in Server Admin). The IP pool is, which conforms to subnet I've configured Retrospect to scan this subnet for backup clients (in the "Backup Clients on Network" window in Retrospect, select the TCP/IP menu -> Configure Subnet Broadcast). However, Retrospect does not see these clients.


I could add them by IP address without a problem, except that the next time they log into the VPN, they'll have a different IP address and Retrospect will once again barf.


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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