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Using Fire Wire disks as removable media

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OS X 10.4.3 Restrospect 6.1

We have a Xraid with 1.8TB, the system was setup 3 months ago with a file backup to a 700GB lacie firewire disk. The backup now fails because there is no room on the Lacie, I need to backup about 900Gb. I have another Lacie 700GB disk and would like to use both as removable media. I have not used Restospect before and my knowledge of Mac OS X is not that great so I am being careful. When I select the firewire drives in the preferences and then go to devices both of the Lacies show up but also the Xraid. I don't want to write to the Xraid.


How do I allow the 2 lacies to be used for backup but not the Xraid, I would have thought I would need to add the Lacies to a backup set but do not see how. I have erased the Lacies with Retrospect the Xraid has content not recognised in the details field and I have left that strickly alone.




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What sort of backup - are you doing a 'normal' backup, or a duplicate ?


If you are doing a duplicate then you can't use multiple volumes for the destination. For a normal backup, once the first disk is full, it will ask for a second and you can tell it to use the second disk (or it can automatically use it if you set the right preferences).

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