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HELP: Retrospect hangs while trying to make a duplicate backup set

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Hi retro-peoples:


I'm a newbie here, but hoping to get some assistance. btw, I'm a longtime retrospect user, albeit, a basic "meat and potatoes" user..


Here's my issue: I've borrowed a friend's LaCie DVD burner, and I'm trying to make a an entire second backup set of my main backup set, so that I can begin "swapping" back and forth between two back up sets. I'm

running into a problem though..


I'm doing this, by the book, using the "Tools > Copy > Transfer" work flow. So far, so good. I created a new backup set, select the appropriate source and destination sets, both DVD drives have been configured and blessed by Retrospect, and are in good working order.


Now, the problem: I set things in motion, put in the first disc of my orginal archive set when asked, put in a blank in the other DVD drive when asked, it copies away, and when that disc is full (4.4 GB), I'm

prompted to put in member #2 of my backup set. I do that, and wait for a prompt to insert a new blank DVD in the other drive... but instead, the whole process just hangs. The "burn" light on the "burning drive" is lit, solid and contantly. The Retrospect "gears" icon is churning away. But no further progress is made, and eventually, all I can do is force-quit Retrospect. I've waited upwards of an hour to see if anything happens. But, nothing.


So that's where I'm at. Incidentally, this is the case, regardless or which drive I use for the writer and which drive I use for the reader. The result is the same: The first set member is filled up and then we just hang....




THE DETAILS: Backing up to DVD using Retrospect 6.0204 for Mac OSX 10.3.9 I've got a Powerbook G4 1.3 ghz machine w/ a Lite-On firewire-connected external DVD burner that works dandy. The "second" burner is a LaCie firewire external.

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Hi Lennart:


thanks for writing..


No, that's actually a good question. I have no idea if it will work. My fear has been that Retrospect will, for some reason "reject" the Toast-copied set.... I base this prejudice on the fact that Retrospect can—miraculously—incrementally burn discs. Which amazes me. Any time I've tried to do this (outside of retrospect, that is), I wind up with an addititional disc image on the desktop for each burn.


I am concerned about the "naming the backup set" part. By doing it in Retrospect, I'd be "pouring" the information into a new container. If I use Toast to make an exact duplicate of the set, I wonder if Retrospect will just be like "what are these, then?"


Anyway, it will only cost me about 18 DVD's and many hours to find out, but maybe it's the answer.... hmmmmmm....


Worth a shot, since I really only need to do this once, right?

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I was hoping one of the Dantz (formerly, now Insignia) employees would answer all our questions. There are a few of them around in these forums.


You COULD create a new DVD backup set, back up a gigs worth of data, make a Toast copy and see what happens. No need to waste time and money to make 18 possible coasters...




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