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Retrospect not doing DVD backup

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I have repeatedly tried to make a backup of a project that I have that is 86 Gb. I am trying to make a DVD backup set so I can off it from my hard drives. It should be about 21 discs. Everytime it gets a few disks into the process (5-6) it starts burning discs with 1 Gb of info and then asking for the next one. I am using a G4 Dual 1Gb with OSX 10.4.3 and the Superdrive inside. It is a Hitachi-LG DVD-RW (5.12). I am using Maxell DVD-RPW media. I have also gotten the -203 hardware error. Now I have read that DVD- does not work as well as DVD+. I have multiple systems that I have tried this on all wioth some problem and all of them are G4's or G5's with DVD-RW recorders.


So here are my questions. Does Retrospect work on a Mac with Tiger? If my drive is supposedly unsipported why does the site say it is and why does it show up bold in the device status box? What can I do to make this thing happen? Finally why would retrospect start using only 1Gb of a DVD, and I have put new ones in so it does it and then starts doing them all as 1Gb?


Thank you,

Yessian Music

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"Hitachi-LG DVD-RW"


I'm having great problem with that kind of drive myself. EXACTLY which model do you have? Which firmware?


(My firmware is too old and no updater is available, so I gave up and bought an external drive.)




Which Retrospect version are you running?

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