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I'm backing up 3 Mac OS 10.4 servers, and 1 Mac OS 10.3 web server, and one 9.2.2 Filemaker server onto a Wiebe Tech 4 bay Firewire Traydock Extreme drive in JBOD (Just a bunch of Disks) mode. So I've got 2 firewire drives to alternate between for my daily backups, and 2 spares.




This was working fine for a while, but I had some trouble with it stalling, and I deleted my backup script, and created a new easyscript. set to alternate backup sets nightly, and freshly formatted 2 drives and named them appropriately.




When the backup runs, it stalls at "Media Busy" I can restart the computer and check the media, and it will still do the same thing the next night. I've even reformatted the Media, it shows up in Device Manager as "erased" or "Ready" depending, but then when the backup runs, that volume comes up as busy again.




The backup server is running on a dedicated machine running 10.2.6 with a gig of ram, and a 450 MHz G4, and Retrospect The clients are all the most recent version for as well.

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hi matt,


the usual question in a case like this is, what did you do differently?


in this case, it's one of two things:


1) you changed from 'file' backup sets to 'disk' backup sets, or


2) you are still using 'disk' backup sets as before, but are now trying to save the catalog file onto the disk you are using as a 'disk' backup set.


so your solutions could be:


1) go back to using file backup sets, or


2) save the catalog for your disk backup set somewhere else. perhaps the boot drive.


all the hardware info is irrelevant to this case.

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