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Cannot read v6 catalog after Tiger upgrade ?

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This is a strange one. Previously using Server V6 (uncertain of actual version) on an Xserve running OSX Server 10.2. Fine - no issues in almost 2 years, backing up to DDS-4.


Have just upgraded to OSXv10.4 Tiger Server (installed to an erased drive), reinstalled Retrospect Server 6, upgraded to v.6.1.126, copied back the catalogues and now it won't read or use the catalogues previously created in V6 with an error 'unable to read v.6 catalog'


Have tried repairing / restoring catalogs, and this appears to start fine but crashes or hangs every time less than 25% through.


What am I missing here ?

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A few questions come to mind:


What was the exact error message and error code you got? ('Unable to read v.6 catalog' isn't an error message I've heard of.)


How did you copy the catalogues? How did you install Retrospect on the new drive? Did you copy over any of the previous config files?


What happens if you double-click on a catalogue in Finder? Does it launch the expected copy of Retrospect?


Can you confirm that the Retrospect version that's running is actually v6.1.126?


The problem with repairing/recreating the catalogues may be a separate issue. How is the tape drive connected? If via SCSI, what model host adapter are you using?

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Thanks for your reply.


The actual error that comes back when you attempt to run the previous script reads:

'Not ready: Can't add to backup set XXXXXX Backup: the catalog is pre-6.0 and read only.'

(XXXXX being the name of the backup set). There is no other error number.


We copied all Retrospect folders, files and preferences to an external drive, installed OSX Server v10.4 (and upgraded to 10.4.4), reinstalled Retrospect 6 from the original media, downloaded the update to 6.1.126, then copied back all the catalogues and preferences.


Double-clicking the catalogue in Finder does launch Retrospect 6, but the window repeats the message about the catalog being pre-6.0 and read only.


The tape drive is FireWire AIT and working perfectly with the new scripts.

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hi arp,


sounds like you were using Retrospect 5.1 on the old 10.2 computer. if the original media was a CD purchased from EMC, it would have both 5.1 and 6.0 installers on it.


this is a known issue when updating from 5.1 to 6.0. the catalogs changed in such a way that the older catalogs are 'read only'. it's possible that you ran into this problem before and decided to stay in 5.1 for this reason. unfortunately, 5.1 is not compatible with 10.4. you'll probably have to create new backup sets.

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