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KB link broken re Python script

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I believe that some download links became broken when EMC/Dantz changed to the "new" look on the web site. Particularly, the download link for the Python email notification download scripts (the only one that should be used, in my opinion, to isolate you from changes in mail client updates) is broken in the KB article (KB article 5256). See the link at the bottom of:


Python script download link - KB article 5256









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hi russ,




try this one:








i always go to the 'email' button and copy the link out of there. that's the only way i've ever been able to get it to work every time.




EDITED TO ADD: whoops! my bad. it's the link in the link that is broken. probably moved servers.




for now, you can get it here:




Python Script

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Thanks, Waltr. It wasn't for me - another Retrospect user emailed me because I had suggested in the forums a while back that someone use the Python script, asking where it was because the KB article's link was broken. I was just trying to get the link fixed in the KB article. As I recall, I originally got the script as an attachment to Mayoff's posting ("Python Script email event handler") in the forums here, and that link still works. It's just the KB article that has a bad download link.


Regards, Russ

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You might want to update the script (in the sendMail function) to add Simon Hobson's enhancement/fix to permit email addresses of the form:

"Some Name <user@example.domain.com>". See his post toward the end of this forum:

Python Script email event handler

I'm also surprised that all the trigger script stuff was deleted - used to be there in the Retrospect 4.x event handler, and is useful on Mac OS X Server for calling a shell script, etc. (such as the one on AFP548.com), to back up the mail subsystem (shut down the mail system, back up quiescent mail system, restart mail system). Lets you schedule the mail system backup with Retrospect's scheduler so that Retrospect can then back up the resulting files. A Retrospect backup of a live Cyrus mail system is not useful, and can't be used to restore.



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