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SLOW operation on a G4 running OS 10.3.8

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Can anyone speculate why Retrospect would be working at a CRAWL for me in certain tasks? Backups work, and don't seem to take a ridiculous amount of time, but when I open the app and try to perform basic setup at all, the CPU monitor red-lines and the machine just sits there churning while it checks a script for instance, or looks on the hard drive for a file, etc.


Particularly annoying, is when I try to do a restore of a single file out of the backup set. As I navigate through the file tree looking for what I need to restore, at every single folder level the machine locks up and spins for 20-30 seconds before it will list the contents of the folder. It's as though I'm accessing the file listing across a 32k modem connection. Does this seem right? This Mac is old, but it's a G4 400 with 512MB's of RAM. It works fine as a file server, CPU monitor is fine in all tasks, except that Retrospect is SO SLOW and just seems to be slamming the CPU.


Is Retrospect really that much of a processor hog, or is something wrong? I wonder if it somehow has a problem dealing with our software mirrored RAID configuration.



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hi scott,


i've been looking into an issue like this and i have a suggestion that may or may not help. i'm guessing here, but it would be really interesting to me if you had a similar problem.


go to 'special->preferences->logging'. how big have you set the log file to be? what happens if you set it back to the default (10mb)?


if you have it set to the default, what happens when you move the retro.config (6.0) file out to the desktop and relicense? (you can always quit Retrospect and put it back in).

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