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Error -108, Out of Memory

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on our OS X Server (Version 10.4.4) Retrospect displays everyday the error -108 out of memory. Our server has about 3 GB of memory inside. Until now we haven't found a solution to backup our files. Does everyone has this error too? Or maybe a solution so solve this?


Retrospect Version: 6.1.126

Driver Version:

Tape-Drive: Exabyte VXA



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Does everyone has this error too?





But if you want to get help on a text based web Forum you are going to have to provide substantially more information.


For example, describing your Source (data size, number of clients, etc) would help.


And describing your Backup Set (total number of files, total number of Sessions, total size, etc) would help too.

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Source of the Backup is an XRaid Server with 1,3 TB Space, used is 1 TB. Filesystem is Mac OS Extended (Journaled). ACL is activated. There are about 2'807'614 files on the volume.

The Backup-Job is Scheuduled to run everyday an incremental backup. Each time retrospect uses about 1 GB of RAM, it stops working with error -108.

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hi thug,



There are about 2'807'614 files on the volume.



there's the problem. you've hit a file number limitation within Retrospect. you'll have to subvolume the drive so that you are backing up a smaller number of files per subvolume. the limitation is somewhere around a million and a half i think.


less bling per volume should fix the problem (<-couldn't resist).

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Dantz told me that these errors are caused by not having enough memory in the machine. I run Retro 6.1.126 on a Dual-1Ghz G4/2GB RAM and constantly get this error when doing a Recycle back-up over the weekend. The reason I'm not sure about it being a file number limitation is b/c while I might have one client in my script give the -108 error, the next client then gets backed up, then the next 4 or 5 clients get the -108, then another client might get backed, and so on. I also tried splitting my script into 2 scripts, but backing up to the same set. I get 10 or 15 clients on the end of the first script giving me the -108 errors, then the 2nd script kicks in and 50 - 60 clients get backed up with no problem!


I've been meaning to upgrade our backup server to a G5 with 5GB of RAM, but haven't had the chance yet.


Btw, when you mention file limitation, do you mean file limitation to the entire backup set?

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hi kevin,


not in the entire backup set, just per volume.


you could have a legitimate memory error, how much memory do you have? it sounds as though your problem is intermittant, but thugs was reproducable every time, and on the same volume---plus he already has 4GB of RAM. subvoluming is the answer for him, your case may be different.


please feel free to post the details of your case if you'd like a better answer. take a look at thug's posts to get an idea of what info would be needed.

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