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Split file backup sets?

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I have Retrospect 6.1. I'm trying to back up to a network attached (500GB) drive. I understand from reading technotes that there is a limit on the file size of 2GB when doing this; my backup set size is around 20GB. Is there any way of forcing Retrospect to split the backup file to allow me to use my existing storage? Every other backup solution I've ever used has an obivous option to do this, but I cannot find anything in the manual or in the technotes....





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frown.gif Sadness. I'm surprised this feature doesn't exist; it's pretty standard in most other backup solutions. It's particularly frustrating because it does appear that Retrospect will happily span disks if required, so it clearly knows how to split files. Sadly, FTP is not an option because of the way Retrospect supports FTP. Ah well. Guess I'll have to figure out some other solution frown.gif


Any idea how to post an enhancement request? smile.gif


Thanks for your help.



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It was good idea....


Things improved. I got to 5.1GB. And then I got the following:


> Trouble writing media: "Mac-Documents" error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media etc.)


This is a networked hard drive which is regularly in use and 500GB of free space. Immediately after I click out of this error, I get:


> Trouble in Retrospect: Internal consistency check failed: Assertion check at "file.c-107"


And I'm offered a lone 'quit' button which cases Restrospect to exit.


I'm running what appears to be the latest version (6.1.126) with Device Access Version 1.0.107 and Driver Update Version


Any more cunning ideas.... apart from creating a bunch of mini-backup sets, which I guess is the route I'll have to do unless I can get this to work. And that would be disappointing frown.gif





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