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Internal consistency check failed error

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I received this message from Retrospect 6 on my Mac OS X server recently, last Saturday, 2/6/06:

Internal consistency check failed: Assertion check at "dbo.c-106"

The only option was to quit. Relauch allowed a manual backup. Any idea what might have casued this message? I have not seen it before, nor have I seen it since.

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hi cho,


an Assert error can be a one time thing. generally, if you get an Assert you should reboot the server to clear out any memory problems that could be left behind, and you should make sure to keep an eye on the system to see if this repeats. in your case i would also reboot the loader just to be safe.


if you don't see the Assert over and over, i really wouldn't worry about it. i have not seen the dbo.c-106 error before, on this board or off, so i don't know what it means exactly.


more information is available here:




but there is nothing definative about the particular Assert you are seeing.

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