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Scripts scheduled at same time?

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What happens if you schedule more than one script to start at the same time?


Any difference if it is the backup computer or a client?


What if the scripts don't start at same time but the first has not finished before the next is scheduled to start?


Thank you.

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If you schedule the same script and one is a recyle and one is a normal, Retrospect will perform the recycle. I'm not sure what happens if they are from different scripts.


If the first backup has not finished, the second backup will queue up until the first one is done.


There seems to be an undocumented (or, if documented, I haven't seen it) "feature" whereby Retrospect's script scheduler will select from the set of currently runnable scripts (regardless of their scheduled start times, seems to matter only whether their scheduled start times have passed) based on the alphabetic order of the scripts. It's not a new thing; it has been around for years, and I occasionally scratch my head when adding new scripts. On the first (non-incremental) set of scripts run on a backup set, the early scripts may run long such that all subsequent scheduled scripts become "runnable" (past their start time when the early scripts are done), sometimes causing the runnable scripts to not execute in the expected order. On subsequent incremental backups, providing that "not too many" files have changed (which might lengthen the execution time of one script past the start times of several subsequent ones), the scripts will "probably" start in the expected order. Difficult to troubleshoot until you realize what is happening. Moral, give your scripts alphabetized names that match the scheduled sequence of start times so that the scripts will execute in the expected order, regardless. Odd feature, I must say.



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