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Emailed reports using Powermail

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I'm running OSx 10.2.8 and Retrospect 6.0.193.


I am trying to get an email each morning with the status of the overnight backup (iMac to Maxtor drive).


Based on a previous message here I'm trying to use the Python Retrospect Event Handler to generate an email using Powermail (Ver 4).


Not working - I get the file macmail.message in /tmp but no email. I've set debug to true in macmail.py but do not get a logfile in /tmp - which I guess indicates it's not getting that far.


I am not an applescripter but can edit and make changes where needed.


Does anyone have any suggestions where I might look for the problem?


No suggestion too trivial... thanks in advance.



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hi hel,


the smtp server does not really matter, powermail, sendmail, exchange-->they all use the same smtp protocal which is pretty simple. in fact, it is so simple you could type it in yourself if you'd like. try this:


1) open up a telnet client (in OS X open the terminal and type 'telnet')

2) type 'open <name of smtp server or ip address you are using> 25'. for example: 'open myawsomesmtpserver.com 25'

you should get a reply like this:

220 myawsomesmtpserver.com ESMTP Server (Powermail) ready

3) type 'helo me', and you should get a reply:

250 OK


from here you can send an email if you are daring, if you get this far your email notification should be working.


hint: do this from the computer running Retrospect.


if you'd like to check into this more here is a good link:




there are many more out there in the googleplex.

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also, besides setting debug to 'true', you haven't modified that file have you?



No I hadn't .. but I've been tinkering today and I think the problem is the python version - I changed 'true' to '1' and hey presto ... it works - at least for my little test Retrospect script. If I change it back to a string it fails again.


I'll wait for my overnight backup to email me to be completely confident - but I think it's that simple.

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interesting. what version of python are you running? also, what if you try 0?


Python 2.2


If I put DEBUG=0 --> no debug log file in /tmp


My regular backup sent me a message this morning at 0120.


Seems to have been a simple but obscure problem.


Thanks for the replies.



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