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Files missing on full restore, found on search - ??

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I've been doing a full restore on a Powerbook, and encountered the following things:


I did a full restore from my most recent backup set, and things went more or less well except that one of my DVDs produced repeated 206 errors (trouble reading / bad media or something). I aborted the restore, started again, reported the DVD as "missing" when its turn came up, and continued to success.


Once I got the machine back up, I noticed some missing files. These couldn't be attributed to the bad DVD, since they were files that I knew had been modified just before the last backup was made. I did another restore, this time going down the "Search for files or folders" path. I found and marked the missing folders, and started the retrieval. Retrospect asked for a number of DVDs, including the "bad" one. (I had un-marked the member as "missing" in the Configure area before starting this second backup.) Figuring I had nothing to lose, I put the DVD in, and Retrospect happily pulled some files off it and went on to the rest of the backup, finishing successfully.


So, the questions are:


(1) Why didn't Retrospect find the missing files when it did the full restore?


(2) Why couldn't it properly read from the DVD on the full restore, but handle the search properly?


I guess these are mostly academic questions at this point, but I'm still curious.




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One possible answer for (2), is that during your full restore, Retrospect tried to read a "bad" sector on the disk that was part of a file you didn't mark on your search. The other parts of the disk being OK, meant Retrospect could restore from them.


Now this indicates that Retrospect may be insufficiently fault-tolerant in it's approach to doing a restore (since it should have, e.g., tried the next file on its agenda after a 206 problem), but that's an enhancement request ;-)

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