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Backup from USB Drive to USB Drive

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I am evaluating Retrospect for Mac and want to backup from a USB drive source to a USB drive destination attached to a MacBook Air running latest version of Sonoma.   Retrospect allows the setup and starts scanning the drive but never copies the files I want to backup.   I have no problem backing up from MacBook Air to USB.   Appreciate any advice.  


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It isn't clear what you want.

If you ONLY want an identical clone of the source drive, the Retrospect is not the right tool. ( "Carbon Copy Cloner" or "SuperDuper!" are better.)

Now, if you created a Media Set and added the destination drive as a member of that set, you can make a backup and then more backups keeping the full history of files.

So, what do you want?

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I wanted to create the Media set.  After some additional test I discovered the problem.  I was connecting the two drives through a USB hub. When I removed the hub and connected to the two usb c ports on the MacBook Air the media set worked and the backup was completed.  The hub that interfered is an OWC travel hub.  



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