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Backup Set Catalog vanishes before even open

A Tonkin

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Hello.  Returning to Retrospect, after using some years ago under version 7.  Pleased to see its the same as before ... makes you wonder why the version number leap, but anyway.

Wish to restore some files, which I'd done before all the while the same Windows 11 Home installation was present, but following a necessary Windows reset I was left with a 'virgin' Windows installation, my Retrospect catalog files and the backup data proper (on AWS ... at alarming expense).

One thing that seems different from my Version 7 days is Retrospect now seems to have lumped volumes all under a single "Backup Set A", under which I have separate catalog files for each volume.  Don't recall that before.

Either way, "Backup Set A" catalog happily tempts me to open it ... only to tell me it "Backup Set A contains no Snapshots", and the real annoying thing that has prompted me to post here is that when eg. opening a Backup Set Catalog for individual hard disks, eg. C_.rbc, D_.rbc, (69MB and 29Kb respectively, so there's something in them) .... so I am prompted for the password and then ..... nothing.  I just end up back looking at the Restore From Backup: Source window.

Where have my backup catalogs gone??? 

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I've since noticed I may right click and Open eg. C_.rbc and then restore files that way, but it doesn't give access to the Find Files feature, quite apart from the question as to why opening an .rbc file from within Retrospect causes absolutely nothing to actually happen.

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The program names the backup sets with defaults, which I rarely use because they're not descriptive.

If you have multiple volumes on your PC and choose to select them all in the backup script, and the destination is a single set then that's what will happen.  You can backup each volume to a unique set and/or destination.

Where you're probably having an issue is in selecting files to restore, which I think is tricky, but if you select a set to restore it should offer a complete list from which to select.  I don't know why you don't have snapshots, that's something for support to help with.

You can rebuild the catalog, but if you recently purchased a new copy of Retrospect then you have free support.  I think I'd call or email them to get their help in unwinding all this situation.


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