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Parallel backups ?


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I'm currently still on Retrospect 12 Desktop. Considered upgrading to 18, but at first sight there is nothing really compelling to upgrade for. 

The one thing that confuses me though, is with respect to parallel backups.

The Feature Comparison matrix at https://www.retrospect.com/en/products/compare says that Desktop has 4 concurrent operations. I read this like there can be 4 concurrent executions (e.g. backups) in the engine. However, I then ran across an explanation of Storage Groups (which is only available in the more expensive Server versions) and that one says : "Protect an entire backup environment up to 16x faster with a single, centralized destination that Retrospect can use simultaneously. With Storage Groups, customers can run parallel backups to the same disk or cloud destination, reducing the backup window." which clearly seems to suggest that without Storage Group you can only backup 1 client at a time ?!

Can anyone clarify ?

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Without storage groups you can backup one client to one destination at a time. Which means that with multiple destinations (backup sets), you can backup multiple clients simultaneously.
That could make sense if you group your clients according to where they belong in the organisation. For instance, finance department computers use the finance backup set, production department computers use the production backup set and so on. Each department can then be backed up simultaneously as the departments.

With storage groups you can have a large backup set for all computers and several clients can be backed up to that backup set simultaneously.

Having a single, large, backup set may or may not be an advantage.

Besides, version 12 is outdated by now. For instance, recent Windows 10 versions are not supported and not Windows 11. If you run older versions of Windows you may be fine with Retrospect 12, otherwise I would not trust it to restore without problems.



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Ah that is great news, thanks. I have separate backup sets for all my clients, so this would then mean that I can have parallel backups of each, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

Yes, I had seen that all subsequent updates were primarily about supporting the latest Windows versions and seasonal releases. I never ran into issues backing up, but like you state, the main question is also about restoring. I admit that I have not tried to restore anything yet with Windows 11 so maybe I was running a risk there that I wasn't even realizing. Which reminds me to soon do a couple test restores again.

Anyway, guess I will be upgrading to 18.

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Great, got it working with 4 parallel executions.

Interestingly enough, the Desktop license does allow me to create Sets as Storage Groups, even though the feature matrix says it's only available in the Server licenses.

EDIT: apparently I accidentally had posted this in the wrong subforum.

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