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Retrospect Windows 10 20H2 64


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Backing up data only to internal HD, speed is amazing 4gb/minute.  Problem after rebooting computer drive is 90% busy, until I run

dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /Restorehealth   Each time it fixes corrupt files, and the computer runs very fast, until next backup.

Does any experience this problem?  Will a updated version of Retrospect solve the problem? I've used Retrospect in business since version 1.  

All comments are appreciated.  Henry Christle. 


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Am I understanding you correctly, that you're backing up one or more internal HDDs to another internal HDD on the same "backup server"?  If so, you're a candidate for an upgrade to the Retrospect Windows 18 Solo Edition (top table, left-most Edition column), with a perpetual license price of US$49.  The Solo Edition no longer backs up from a NAS source.  I'm not sure whether your Retrospect Windows 10 Catalog file(s) are compatible with Retrospect Windows 18; if Sales and Tech Support say they're not, you'll have to Rebuild the Catalog file(s) from the destination Backup Set(s).🙁

However, I'm surprised you're seemingly worried only about the risk to your business of HDD failure.  Many centuries ago people started using fire, and the danger of flooding has always been with us.😮  IMHO—and the opinion of every expert who writes about backing up— you should at least be periodically doing a Duplicate of your Backup Set(s) to an external HDD, and taking that external HDD off-site for use if the Backup Set(s) machine dies.

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