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Wish to Change Destination Media


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I have been backing up to removable hard drives for several years, the type that fit in a cradle on a tower style computer box.

I now wish to use 2TB WD External USB HDD's which will be easier to transport home each day.

Can someone please let me know how best to proceed with this.

I would appreciate any help. 


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In the traditional IT phrase, "RTFM".  Since you've an allergy to stating what version of Retrospect Windows you are using, I'll refer to the Retrospect Windows 16 User's Guide.  Read as much of pages 373–387, which is easily findable as "Managing Backup Sets" in the Table of Contents, as you need.  After creating your new Backup Set(s), change your scripts—for which starting on page 390 would be good mental exercise.

Here's where to find User's Guides from previous releases.

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