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Retrospect 17: A Cautionary Tale

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Today I upgraded from Retrospect 16 to 17 and ran one of my daily backup scripts. The amount of data being backed up was a couple GB instead of the expected 20 MB and it completely filled up my small disk image where the backup resides. Inspecting the script, I discovered the source (a folder) had spontaneously been changed to a different source folder, on a different volume. Also, the "favorite" folder that was the usual source was gone from the source list. I had to browse and add it again. So my cautionary tale is to check your scripts before running them after upgrading to 17. This is the first time I've had a problem like this after an upgrade.

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See the second paragraph in the P.S. in this Windows-Professional post, discussing my guess about the "quickie" nature of the 17.0 release.  In the problem you report,  I suspect the culprit is a bug in "Configuration Management: Fixed issue with importing certain subvolumes from configs.xml (#7848)".

Here's why and how to submit a Support Case for a bug.  I urge you to do so, because it must be done by someone who actually has experienced the bug.

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The same problem recurred today after several weeks using these scripts without a hitch. I submitted a support case.


I received a response from support. Hopefully this will fix it and I'm posting here in case anyone else has a similar problem.

Agent Response: 
The Retrospect configuration file seems to be corrupt. Please proceed as following to rebuild the Retrospect configuration file:
1) Close Retrospect and stop the Retrospect Engine
2) Go to /Library/Application Support/Retrospect 
3) Remove the config80.dat, config80.bak and any config8.x.dat or config8.x.bak files from the folder. 
4) Run Retrospect Engine & Start Retrospect
Please let us know if the problem you have still persists. 



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Mac OSX Mojave.latest
Retrospect for Mac Single Server  Version 17.0.0 (149)

In /Library/Application Support/Retrospect we only have (from r16.5.latest)
I remove those and did as directed and Retrospect v17 still freezes saying Connecting.

Can we have an immediate resolution please.

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Mac OSX Mojave.latest
Retrospect for Mac Single Server  Version 17.0.0 (149)
iMac i7 8 Core 2018 48GB Ram

Toggling Engine and OFF/ON did not solve the issue.

Toggling Engine AND InstaScan OFF/ON alleviates the issue, temporarily.

BUT not everyone runs InstaScan as it is a terrible Memory Hog!

So, hopefully a focus on InstaScan being OFF helps?

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First, just because—in your thread in the "Server, SBS and Multi Server" Forum—I gave you a link to this thread, I didn't mean you should post in this thread.  Your two posts immediately above have absolutely nothing to do with the problem described in the OP of this thread—other than the fact that both you and the OP are using Retrospect Mac 17.0 (which IMHO may be buggy because it was a "quickie" release).

Second,  the last two lines in your first post up-thread sound as if you were yelling a plea to Retrospect Tech Support, except that the Support Case system doesn't allow large-sized red text.  Everyone reading and posting in this Forum—including me—is  a volunteer, and is not an an employee of Retrospect "Inc.".

Third, neither of your up-thread posts describes your problem; that description is in the OP of your "Server, SBS and Multi Server" thread.  I'm wondering if the resources available in your area of the UK include an adult course in properly using website forums, certainly including linking—but also including practice in reading what is already posted in a thread.  Your ability to outline portions of screenshots in red boxes IMHO doesn't substitute for such skills.

Fourth, if your drive(s) on the "backup server" and "client" Macs are formatted with APFS, don't use Instant Scan—it doesn't work on APFS.

Edited by DavidHertzberg
Add fourth paragraph about Instant Scan
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