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15.6.1 - Strange errors in log

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I recently upgraded from Retrospect Desktop 11.5 to 15.6.1.

Everything seems to be working, but I see these strange errors in the LOG, after each backup script is performed:

Usually just this:

  [*] UPreventSystemSleep: IOPMAssertionCreateWithName failed, err = -536,870,208

Sometimes this:

  [*] soccSend: send failed, err 32
  [*] Captured signal SIGPIPE!
  [*] UPreventSystemSleep: IOPMAssertionCreateWithName failed, err = -536,870,208

Any idea what these mean? I do have it set to send me emails after each script is run, and I am getting them, so I don't know if it has to do with emailing.

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You probably had no response because nobody felt like playing "guess the missing info". What's your OS version, what options have you set for those backups, what are your system's sleep settings, etc.

But it looks like Retrospect (assuming this is from the RS log, not sys.log or elsewhere) is trying to stop your Mac from going to sleep but can't create the required assertion. The second fragment shows RS trying write to "something" which is no longer reading -- could be a network socket, inter-process communication, file which has been closed, etc -- which is what generates the SIGPIPE, then the same failed sleep assertion.

Bottom line -- if it isn't causing problems, isn't breaking your backups, and isn't doing much beyond putting a couple of extra lines in a log file -- ignore it.


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