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How to import a 6.1 optical disk set catalog?

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I currently have Retrospect 11.5 Mac. Back when I had 6.1 for Mac, I backed up some data to some optical disk sets - in other words, spanning multiple DVDs.

So I have the DVDs, and I have the catalog files stored on one of my hard drives.

How can I add those catalog files into Retro 11.5 so I can access them and read the data from the DVDs? Thanks.

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Read "Restoring from Retrospect 6.x backups" on pages 146-147 of the Retrospect Mac 11 User's Guide.  You must Add new Media Sets  (modern Retrospect Mac term for Backup Sets)  with the same names as the Retrospect Mac 6.1 Catalog Files you have, because there is no way to upgrade a Retrospect Mac 6.1 Catalog File into a Retrospect 11 Catalog File.

The Add Media Set operation is described on pages 97-100 of the Retrospect Mac 11 UG.  You will create your new Media Sets as type Optical.  I hope the DVDs are readable on your current Mac, because you'll first need to Add them as the Members of the new Media Sets in order to populate the new Catalog Files.

P.S.: The head of Retrospect Technical Support has created a couple of relevant Tutorials on YouTube.  This one deals with DVD  Media Sets, but it is for Retrospect Windows—using the GUI for that variant—and therefore refers to them as Backup Sets.  This one is for Retrospect Mac, but is for Disk Media Sets.  Both Tutorials are for a Rebuild, so you'll have to mentally adapt their message for an Add.

P.P.S.: Rereading those pages of the Retrospect Mac 11 UG again, I now think it may be possible to directly do a Rebuild of the Retrospect Mac 6.1 Catalog Files, rather than Add new Media Sets with the same names as the Retrospect Mac 6.1 Backup Sets.  "You will need to tell Retrospect where to save the new Catalog", and you'll still have to add all the DVDs as Members.  The effort saved over what I have written above would simply be not having to re-enter the names of the 6.1 Catalog Files, but to avoid possible complications I'd suggest not trying to save the new Catalogs in the same locations as the old Catalogs..

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Added P.S. about relevant Tutorials; added P.P.S. saying Rebuild might work
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