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Full Disk access - can not add Retrospect

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You do not state your version of Retrospect Mac, which is a requirement for our helping you.

However you should first be running Retrospect Mac for both "backup server" and Client.  I know that the latest fixes for Mojave shown in the cumulative Release Notes are for, but was the second in a pair of "bad releases"—particularly because it did not yet contain an emergency fix for bug #7753 (which is non-Mojave-related but affected many administrators).

Once you have upgraded to, you should follow the procedures in this Knowledge Base article.  You could have found that article either by using your Web browser's search facility on this Web page to find "Mojave", or by looking under this "Top Articles" sub-section of that Web page.

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Oh sorry - i forgot to mention: Retrospect 15.6.1 

The Knowledge Base article discribes the standard procedure - that  is not new to me - and this does not work!

If tried it on two different macs: one with a fresh install of Mojave updated to 10.14.2 and another one that came with High Sierra and updated to 10.14.2.

As soon as I try to add any app to full disk access the list is emptied and I can not add any app.

I think this is a macOS bug but hoped that someone here found a workaround.

Bye, thanks,




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Nobody has reported such a macOS bug on the Ars Technica Macintoshian Achaia forum, which would surely happen by now if it affected applications other than Retrospect.  Also the Knowledge Base article was last updated on 16 October 2018, but that was 7 weeks before macOS 10.14.2 was released—according to the Mac Ach thread specifically about that release.  No reports of this bug in that Mac Ach thread, so my guess is that you're not following the procedure correctly—possibly because it's unclear to you.

Here's why and how to file a bug-fix Support Case.  Maybe someone at Retrospect Tech Support will offer some advice, especially if you are within your 30 days of free Tech Support for Retrospect 15.

Edited by DavidHertzberg
Revised 1st prgf. because KB article last updated 7 weeks before 10.14.2 released
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