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Retrospect files not recognized on "Backup of Backup drive" - change Drive ID?


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I think the solution to this problem is to change the Drive ID or serial number, but I don't know how to do that.  I seem to recall doing this change years ago.  Here is my situation:

I just had a complete failure of my Retrospect drive, which is Drive G: in my Windows 10 system.  Right now I'm running Retrospect 12.6, but I'm planning to upgrade to the latest 15.x as soon as I can find some "quality time" for that project.

I keep a "backup of the backup drive," which I keep offline.  It is simply a copy of all the Retrospect folders and files.  Unfortunately, the last time I did a backup of the backup drive was mid-August, but that's better than losing all of my 2018 backups.  I do a fresh set of backup data sets every  years.  Even though I renamed that backup of the backup to "Backup 2018," which was the name of my original backup drive, and set it up as the same Drive G:, Retrospect says that it can't find any backup sets of that volume. 

So how do I fix this situation?


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I would do this:

Rename the drive to its old name, so you won't confuse yourself. 

Recreate the catalog file from the backup on that drive. Since it has the same name as your original backup, you have to fotget the old catalog file.

Now you should be able to restore your files.


In the future, let Retrospect "Transfer backups" from your backup to your backup's backup. That way you could restore from either backup set.


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