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Error 1103 After Windows Update 1809


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The 1103 error with OneDrive folders seems to have returned after Windows Update 1809 (Windows 10 Pro, OS Build 17763.55):


-    10/13/2018 10:00:16 PM: Copying Win10 (C:)
        Using Instant Scan data for Win10 (C:)
        10/13/2018 10:00:48 PM: Found: 368,789 files, 75,086 folders, 72.3 GB
        10/13/2018 10:00:50 PM: Finished matching
    10/13/2018 10:00:54 PM: Selector "All Except Cache, gho,dntbckup" was used to select 368,174 files out of 368,789.
        Backing up 5 out of 23 files using block level incremental backup, storing full backups for remaining 18.
        10/13/2018 10:01:04 PM: Copying: 128,990 files (27.4 GB) and 28,547 hard links
        File "C:\Users\...\OneDrive\.849C9593-D756-...": can't read, error -1103 (write protected)
        Trouble reading files, error -1103 (write protected)
    10/13/2018 10:03:48 PM: Execution incomplete        Remaining: 118703 files, 20.4 GB

Note the backup of the system drive is aborted after the error is encountered.

I'm unlinking my OneDrive account now to see if that helps.

I'm using Retrospect Desktop


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