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Exchange Database Backup Error

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Multi Server V

Exchange 2010 running on SBS 2011

Retrospect computer running on workgroup workstation


I am using a Retrospect Backup User (RBU) user account as recommended by Retrospect to log into the Exchange databases. Retrospect is not running in that users security context becasue I get and "invalid" error when entering those credentials into the preferences. That said, when backing up the Exchange databases I get the following error:

8/22/2017 11:26:28 AM: Found: 1 files, 2 folders, 241.7 GB
8/22/2017 11:26:28 AM: Finished matching
8/22/2017 11:26:30 AM: Copying: 2 files (241.7 GB) and 0 hard links
Backup type: Differential
[*] T-10: MapError: unknown Windows error 271,114
Trouble reading files, error -1004 (Database Backup/Restore error)
8/22/2017 11:26:38 AM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 2 files, zero KB
Completed: 0 files, zero KB, with 0% compression
Performance: 0.0 MB/minute
Duration: 00:00:28 (00:00:22 idle/loading/preparing)
However, it can backup the mailboxes successfully. I'm a little confused by that...
If anyone has some insight or guidance they can give me, I would be most appreciative. Thanks.
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