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How to list snapshot contents as a text file


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I want to extract a listing of the contents of a snapshot, in order to write a Perl script to compare two snapshots


I have three archives of a large collection of images.  The latest archive may be missing some files that would appear on the previous archives, and I would like to recover those files if there are any, before discarding the earlier archives to free up some space.  To do this I was hoping I could extract a list of files contained in a backup set snapshot, listing the full path, size and last mod time, into a text file that I could then process with a Perl script.


Is this possible?  If not, does Retrospect provide a way to compare two snapshots and list the differences?

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Hi jhg,

I don't know of a way to list the snapshot as text, but was wondering if the Reports / Session Contents would be a way to compare what was backed up?


If you highlight a Session Content ... then you can select File ... Export ... out to a text file.


The result will be a pretty "ugly" text file however ...

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That's exactly what I was looking for.  In this case "ugly" is beautiful as it's nicely formatted and easily parseable in Perl.


The UI to do the export is a little wonky, I wouldn't have thought to look for File/Export while in what looks like a dialog. But then I realize the UI is a sort of Mac/Windows hybrid given the original provenance of Retrospect (I know, I first used it on my SE30 and was delighted when it became available for Windows).


I was greatly relieved that it let me select multiple sessions for the export.  This will do exactly what I need.



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