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Retrospect Not Responding for very long time when editing media sets

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Each time I try to add or amend members for a media set, the system goes into mental breakdown mode and hangs for upwards of 20 minutes until the dialogue box appears allowing me to continue.

Retrospect Engine clearly is working in Activity Manager but the application itself seems to get stuck and nothing can be done.

Restarting the program makes no difference as I have to start all over again once relaunched.


Using v13 Retrospect

MacMini with one thunderbolt storage device, one RAID SCSI to Thunderbolt adapter and one Tape Library

12.1 MacOS



Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this.  It makes a 2 hour job amending media sets an 8 hour one. :-(

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Come to think of it: Why do add members manually?


I just filled the tape auto loader with empty tapes and let the script run. Retrospect added tapes to the media set when needed.

(I wrote "filled" in past tense only because I now have another employer and I don't run tape backups anymore.)

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Adding another disk to a disk media set takes 20 mins or so for the dialogue window to open.

The same goes for tape, if I want to add a specific tape.

Editing a media set size, same problem.


Any behaviour which requires editing a media set requires a very long wait.


Meanwhile RetrospectEngine is going mental and can go to 99-199% CPU until the dialogue window appears.

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