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Backupfiles size increased with 65%

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we are running two identical sets for backup, one for odd weeks the other one for even. The used set is recycled fridays, incremental backups are performed during rest of the week. The size of the source is appx 600 GB. The size of the backup files (recycled) from last friday is 1,06 TB!  That is to compare with the size of the backup files from the friday before which is 602 GB. The amount of objects is 1 699 compared to 961.


Any idea why?


Kind regards





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561,2 GB has been backed up. If I choose to "Show info" on the backup folder it says 1 699 objects, 1,06 TB. When I open the folder there are only 846 objects (.rdb files) of which 844 has the same size – 629,2 MB. 844 x 629,2 = 531 GB. Can there be any hidden files?

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OK, so that is what you meant by "objects".


Yes, there can be hidden files.

No, Retrospect does not hide files.


You should repair the hard drive using Apple's Disk Utility and see if it helps.


For the possible next step,

Are you confident in running some basic Terminal commands?

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Guess what. Retrospect performed an incremental backup a little while ago. "Show info" now declares that the backup folder contains 850 files weighing 532,4 GB! I find it hard to believe that this phenomenon hasn't got anything to do with Retrospect. What's your opinion?

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OK, care for some Terminal commands then?


Launch Terminal (in the Utilities folder).

type "cd " (less quotes, including trailing space)

Drag the "Retrospect folder" from a Finder window into the Terminal window. The path to the folder will be added to the command.

Press the return key. Your "active" folder is now the Retrospect folder.


Now list all contents: "ls -al" (less quotes) and press the return key.


Do you see anything that should not belong there?

For instance, names starting with a period "." (or "full stop" if you are British) are invisible in the Finder.

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To make it easy for me :) :


total 32

drwxrwxrwx@ 1 Janne  staff    264 14 Okt  2013 .

drwxrwxrwx@ 1 Janne  staff    398 18 Feb 22:12 ..

-rw-rw-rw-@ 1 Janne  staff  15364 22 Feb 18:22 .DS_Store

drwxrwxrwx@ 1 Janne  staff  28890 22 Feb 16:38 1-Produktion B

That is the parent folder to the folder that contains the .rdb files.


But on the other hand, as I wrote yesterday, the size of the folder is normal now .

Right, so there is nothing we can do now to trace the problem.


I still think it was a NAS glitch, rather than a Retrospect glitch. :)

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