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Using Retrospect 10 to move to a new computer?


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A very basic question....


I want to upgrade my home computer, which is part of a small network. I want to replace an old Win10 machine (lets call it A) with a modern Win10 machine. A is a BIOS machine, B has UEFI.

Can I move everything from A to B by doing making a disaster recovery disk from A, then booting from it in B and doing a dissimlar hardware recovery, keeping the existing drivers?

B will have more disk space than A (A has 2x 500MB disks, each with 2 partitions; B will have a 250MB SSD and a 2TB HDD), but I can see one potential issue: the C: drive on A is sized at 320MB (but only 180 GB is used); C: on B is 250MB.

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 the C: drive on A is sized at 320MB (but only 180 GB is used);

That would be a neat trick: Using 180 GB (180,000 MB) out of only 320 MB. ;)


In theory you could do a dissimilar hardware restore on B. But that would also move over lots of junk files.


How many drivers is it you really need, since the hardware seems (very) different?

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It's too early in the day - of course it should be 180GB out of 320GB!


I know there's some junk, but I laso have a lot of legacy programs which have come from XP-> Win7 -> Win 10, and I'm not sure if they would install under Win10.


I wouldn't expect to copy over any drivers for standard hardware. I read the section of the manual:


You may also choose to select one of the following options at the bottom of the

▪ Keep the latest driver version — Check this option if you want to keep
the latest version of the drivers during the forced re-injection. This option
is only available when the Inject all necessary drivers... option, above, is


as meaning that I want to keep drivers on System B whenever possible...


Is that correct?

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