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Upgrading from Retrospect 9 for Mac to version 12

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Thanks, Lennart. You are right. I upgraded and everything went smoothly. It remembered all my scripts and media sets, etc.


Then I did something foolish...


I uninstalled my older version (Retrospect 9 for Mac) and - even though the Uninstall script said it would just uninstall Retrospect 9 - it ended up uninstalling my new version 12!!! Sigh.


So, I started from scratch again - with no version of Retrospect on my system - and reinstalled version 12. I once again have everything working again thank goodness.


However, I have noticed one curious thing. My Retrospect folder in Applications no longer has any of the additional files in it like the Uninstaller, User's Guide, Client Installers etc. All it has is the application file.


On my first install of Retrospect 12 before accidentally removing it, it had all these files in it. So why aren't they there now and how do I get them back?


Thank you

Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 9.22.51 AM.pdf

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Will running the installer again help? If not, I'm stumped. Sorry.

Thanks, Lennart. Running the installer again didn't help but apparently you go to Preferences / Console and then export Server Installer and Client Installer. This gave me all the files back except for the user guide but that is OK as that's online.

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