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Mac OS upgrade 10.6.8-El Capitan, any gothcha's?

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I'm about to upgrade the Mac OS of Mac mini that is currently running RS (12.5.0). Are there any gotcha's that I need to be aware of in doing this to insure that RS will keep running?



More details: What I would like to do is repartition the Mac mini internal drive to 2 partition, one keeping everything as it currently is (10.6.8) and one on which to install El Capitan. If I do this the drive names that RS runs on will likely change (so I can keep track of which is which).


The reason for retaining the 10.6.8 partition is that I need to continue to run RS 6 because newer versions no longer back up Win 2000 machines and we have a few legacy instruments that can't be upgraded past Win2000. I'll manually reboot periodically to run only RS6 under 10.6.8.

The machine will normally run under El Capitan and RS 12.5.0



All backups are to disk media sets.



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