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Lost member problems in log.

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I moved the backup to another volume. I marked the old ones as lost to make Retro start on a fresh setup of members. After this i deleted the old ones. Since i cant delete old members now i get error in every backup even thou it backups ok.


So then only way to check if its really backed up i have to manually read the log. Every day (because i get an error on every occured backup).


Whats the work around on this? Really annoying. 





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Ok, i try to describe it better.


The Plan

I wanted to move a storageset från A to B. I also wanted to keep the old one, just in case (and delete them when the new backup on new members is done). Instead of copy the storageset, witch would take weeks (lots of old data) and a new backup would take aprox a weekend. I came up with this masterplan; Mark old ones as lost (they are intact in fact, just in case the new one screws up) and start with a bunch of new members.I saw this as win-win.


Now every time the backup runs (copy storageset to tape), i get a red error (since the four fist members are lost) even thou the backup has run (on the new members).


Solution to this would have been to just delete the old members (in the storageset) but its not possible since Retrospect won't allow it (no really logical, if its lost, its lost right? Why keep it?).





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The only way I can think of to stop the error messages would be to mark those first four members as being found (i.e., uncheck the "Lost" box).


You could then do what would have been the best way for you to start a new media set: perform a New Media backup.


Here's how we do this:

  1. Create a new backup script to back up a small source to the desired media set (in your case, that would be "BIGBROTHERS2DISK").
  2. Add a scheduler for a single (non-repeating) backup to run sometime in the next few minutes, and choose the media option "Start new Media Set."
  3. When the script runs, it will create a new media set (in your case, it would be named "BIGBROTHERS2DISK [001]") and will ask you to select the first member and where you want the new catalog to be stored.

The best thing about running a New Media backup is that it will automatically change all of your scripts that used to reference that old media set so that they now will reference the new media set.


Because you have already started backing up to member 5 in your old media set, you would need to decide whether you want to retain any of that newly-backed up data. If you don't care, you could just mark member 5 as lost and erase and reuse the media.


If you need to save the data that's on BIGBROTHERS2DISK member 5, you would first need to mark members 1–4 as lost, and then copy from BIGBROTHERS2DISK to BIGBROTHERS2DISK [001]. After doing this, you would mark member 5 as lost and uncheck the lost box for members 1–4.

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