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Single Server 9.5 & Windows 10 clients issue

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I upgraded our workstations to Windows 10 Pro. I back up 3 of the workstations with Retrospect, but last nite only one of them worked. When I looked at the logs, the two that didn't said Error -1102 drive missing. When I load the client on the server, it can talk to the client software, but if try to access subvolumes in the Volumes screen, it can't access the client hard drive. The one client that worked has no issue accessing the hard drive in the volume screen.


Anyone have any idea why one would work & the other two don't? All worked on Windows 8.1 before the upgrade.

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It's because the Windows 10 installer changes the size of the C: drive. Then Retrospect doesn't see the "new" drive as the same drive as before the installation.


Go to Configure-->Volumes

"Forget" both the C: drives.

Then go to each script and add the new C: drive.

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Thank you Mr Thelander! I had thought about trying that but wasn't sure if that would work. It did. Unfortunately, I've created another issue for myself. I decided to uninstall/reinstal the client on the workstation, but it won't install - just hangs forever. Any luck geting the 9.5 client installed on Windows 10?


Update: Never mind. There was a Cumulative upate for Windows 10 & after it installed, I was able to install the cleint. It must have a Windows issue that got fixed by the update.

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