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Retrospect 10 unusable - locks up when clients disconnect

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Retrospect single server v10.0.1.103 w/unlimited clients

Retrospect client for Mac

Windows Server 2012 R2

Disk backup sets (iSCSI drives)






This issue has us going without backups.  We are backing up mobile clients to disk backup sets, which are made up of iSCSI volumes on a NAS.


Being that our clients are mobile (laptops), they routinely disconnect as people move from room to room temporarily throughout the day.  When Retrospect is no longer able to contact a client, it does not stop execution and move onto the next client (as it did in v9).  The execution just hangs as if it is backing up, but nothing happens.  The "Performance" and "Remaining" counters in the Activity Monitor remain static.  


I cannot cancel the execution manually.  I cannot close the program gracefully.  I have to kill the application from task manager each time this happens.  


I would appreciate any assistance on this issue; our backups are not running due to this problem.

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We have exactly the same setup, and exactly the same problem.


The only temporary solution that I have found is to manually close the network connection in Windows (see, e.g., http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/151634-hangups-when-client-computer-disconnects/). Then it is possible to manually stop the execution. This is of course unacceptable, especially since the hanged execution blocks the access to the backup set until the problem is taken care of manually.

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We have much the same setup except that we have the multi-server version. We have the same problem with users closing their laptop to go to a meeting while a backup is happening. I usually need to wait until other backups are finished and the server is quiet before using Task Manager to force Retrospect to shut down. Then when I restart I need to repair the catalogs for the backups that hung.

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We have the same problem with users closing their laptop to go to a meeting while a backup is happening.


Are these clients wireless or wired? I've had clients that run without incident on a wired connection become troublesome on a wireless connection.

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On our network we do not allow wireless clients a lan connection. They are only allowed to go to the internet. Wireless is not considered safe enough to allow access. So ... to answer your question any machine that wants to be backed up must plug into a wall port. Laptops normally do this with a docking station. So it is easy for them to just close the cover and pick the laptop up to leave.

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