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Problem with Retrospect 10 client RCU file

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Having just updated our two Retrospect servers to I asked one of the servers to push out the client update from the rcu file (10_0_0_212). Much to my horror all of our servers (and I am guessing at this point most of our clients) no longer responded. I discovered that in every server the Retrospect Client had been turned OFF! I just spent the entire morning connecting to each server where i had to manually turn the client service back on.


I dread the thought of finding all the workstations that were affected. The log said 120 of them were updated. There is a major bug in the rcu file. Do not try to use it!

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Yes, they can be found using Direct access. No Windows 8 clients. A mixture of Vista and 7. Maybe one XP.

OK. I have a Dell Vostro 3750 laptop running Windows 8.1 (formerly Windows 8, Windows 7) that intermittently 'disappears' after resuming from sleep as far as Retrospect multicast and broadcast are concerned but direct access still works. A stop and start of the Retrospect Client makes no difference nor does a log-off and log-on of the user. Only after a system restart is normal service resumed.


This has been happening since the upgrade (via clean install) to Windows 8 when it was released. A similar laptop (different processor) that is still running Windows 7 Professional does not have this problem as far as I can tell.

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It appears that the workstations that were updated connect ok after they have been rebooted. Since most users turn their machines off at night this has fixed most of them. There may still be a few that leave the machine on all the time that I will not find until they complain that they are not being backed up.


I have directed our help desk folks to not install the new client on new machines until we have a better idea what is going on.

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