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Details on Retrospect 10's Speed Improvments?

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Could anyone at Retrospect provide some details on what's been improved to get the jump in speed?


I'm planning to do the upgrade to 10 in a few weeks and would like to get a better idea of how this will affect my backups and what (if any) downsides the changes may have.


It's great to see Retrospect getting some big improvments again.




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Hi bdunagan,


That's the exact page that got me thinking.


It tells me how much Retrospect will improve (under ideal conditions), but I'm more interested in the technical side of it. I'm curious what changes were made under-the-hood to achieve these large improvements and if there might be any downsides to them.


I don't expect Retrospect to divulge all it's secrets, but it would be nice to know a bit more so I can make the best use of the changes! :-)



I also checked the release notes, but they didn't offer any further insight.

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The performance increases are quite dependent on the computer environment. In general, local backup is modestly faster, and remote client backup is significantly faster. For both scanning and snapshot building, Retrospect is much more efficient with file system calls, and these improvements are more apparent for remote clients due to the high overhead for network calls.


These changes are unrelated to Instant Scan and Block Level Incremental Backup. It's true that they are more noticeable during incremental backup.

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