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Retrospect 6 to Retrospect 11

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I have to rebuild the catalog for my backups that were made with Retrospect 6... I now have v11.5 and i am having trouble getting it to rebuild...


I have attached a screen shot of what i get when trying to select my first of about 15 drives to rebuild... i have watched the little video tutorial on how to do this however i am not finding the retrospect folder with the first member of my backup... what am i doing wrong?!


the screen shot shows retrospect adding a member and along side that is the actual drive open to show what is there... only one file called Retrospect Data.


Thanks for any help i might get! :)


Hope i am posting in the correct place...


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Let me take a crack at this. Your screenshot implies to me that something is not quite right.


When I create a "disk" media set called "MEDIASET", it has a structure of and ENCLOSING folder containing a folder called Retrospect. I generally put the catalog file into ENCLOSING (though it can go elsewhere). "Retrospect" contains a folder called "MEDIASET". Inside MEDIASET is a folder for each member called "1-MEDIASET" and "2-MEDIASET", etc.


When Retro wants me to "select" the member, I find that I have to select "ENCLOSING", NOT Retrospect, or MEDIASET, or "x-MEDIASET". This is unexpected, and worse, Retrospect is unhelpful with its error messages when you select the "wrong" folder, but that mostly works for me.


Your screenshot is a puzzle. It contains disks named "1-DailyBackupV2", and "2-DailyBackupV2". If these are "members", they should be enclosed several levels of folder, as outlined above. If not, you can't select the corresponding "ENCLOSING" folder.


I don't understand how you end up where you are, but from my experience, it looks like a dead end.


I would create a folder on each drive, and select the folder to place the members. Retro should create a structure in the folder.


If on the other hand, Retrospect has some sort of special handling for whole disks as members, that is beyond my experience.

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OK, my first question is, what type of disks have you backed up to? As it looks like CD/DVDs or removable disks, i.e. Zip or Jazz disks, or something like that.


This means, if the answer is yes, that the old Retrospect did things differently than modern versions. The 'disk member's folder' is actually the disk itself, that you need to select. I know, cos I used older versions of Retro myself with small capacity disks (by today's standards). Hopefully it should accept the disk as a member.

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