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Retrospect 11.5.3 (103) update causes it to forget it's catalogs and it's contents?

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I recently updated Retrospect 11.5.0 (working just fine) to 11.5.3 (103), and when I proceeded to do my usual incremental backup (NOTHING was changed in Retrospect), to a NAS hard disk. The program started rebacking-up the entire contents of my Favourite folder. Which is odd, because I've already backed everything up in this same Media Set, few weeks ago, and the dates had not changed. This was supposed to be an incremental update, and was expecting 20-80MB backup.


I quit Retrospect, and reopened it again.


I looked at the Media Set window, and found that all of the Media sets I'd setup had a red circle with a cross in it, next to each one. Which meant it could not find them. So I relinked each one to it's correct catalog file, and tried again - it still insisted on backing everything up again. WTF is going on!


Now I'm having to do a catalog rebuild, which I hope should cure it. A lot of hassle because of a damn program update.


Update: the rebuild did nothing to improve my situation. Retrospect still insisted on backing up every file again – so I let it do so.

And... yes, the matching file setting was correctly setup to look for other files of same date, etc. This has not been altered, before or after this happened.


Further Info: Retrospect Engine is version 11.5.2 (104)

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