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Restore using a different Software installation on a diff server

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I have two Servers each running Retrospect 8.1 I have a Dell RD1000 drive connected to each server.

On one of those servers (I'll call it DC1) I am backing up some of the contents that it is connected to. So to be clear the RD1000 backup drive is connected to DC1, Retrospect is installed on DC1, and I am backing up the contents of DC1. 


On my second server (DC2) I also use an RD1000 for backups so, like I have the same hardware device and the same software version on both servers.


I have found that doing a restore from the actual server and retrospect install that I actually created the backup from is quite simple however, Let's say that DC1 crashes... Is there a way I can pop the DC1 tape into DC2 and restore those files? When I have tried this, it does not recognize the backup images. If DC1 crashes, I'd like to temporarily get all those files restored in a new location which only takes minutes then worry about getting DC1 backup up and running which could take a lot longer in the event of a hardware failure.

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The secret is to have a backup copy of the Catalogs from DC2 on DC1

Set up a Duplicate job on DC2 to Duplicate your Catalogs Folder to a Share on DC1 (And Vice Versa)

Time it to run just after all your backups to the RD device have finished so you get the latest data.

When you need to recover DC2 RD Disk on DC1 find the DC2 Catalog files and drag and drop them onto the Retro Window

Retro Will recognise the backup sets and you should be able recover from there.


See my post here for more details


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