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Error -1102

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Hi all


I'm having the following issues when running Retro 11.5


Can't access volume MacPro RAID, error -1102 ( drive missing/unavailable)


Now the thing is that the drive isn't missing and Finder can use it fine.


Any way I'm on a MacPro 2008 and the MacPro RAID volume is on a Apple RAID card. It's running os 10.10 which is on an ssd connected to a PCIe 6g card the os has been a clean install from scratch and retro has 4 days ago run one full back up. Interestingly (or not) the backup script which I run backs up the home folder on the ssd fine and fail to do anything with the raid volume (with the message above) how ever the retro catalog is located on the RAID drive and obviously retro updates this fine after backing up the ssd.


Also a disk utilities repair says the drive is fine and due to it being a raid verifing permissions is greyed out.


Any ideas

Cheers Steve

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