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Retrospect 7 and 4TB hard drive


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Retrospect 7.7, Windows 7 64-bit


I just got a 4TB hard drive and am backing up about 2.3 TB of data. Potential issues:


  • The progress bar was always blank
  • As Retrospect worked on the pre-backup preview, the application became briefly unresponsive a few times. Even considering how much data is on the drive, it took unusually long for Retrospect to create the preview
  • After the copy is complete, I thought I saw the message "saving snapshot" but now it's "building snapshot" which is taking hours

Does Retrospect 7 have known issues with backing up large volumes like this? This is my first experience and it's unusual so I wanted to ask.

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The time it takes to build the snapshot depends only on the number of files, not their total size. (All other things equal)


The progress bar is active only during the actual file copy. It is not "active" during scanning, matching and building snapshot (for instance).

Saving snapshot is usually very short in time and comes immediately after building snapshot in the backup process.

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