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Spectra 2K tape library not detected by 7.6.111

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I have a Spectra 2K tape library and Sony drive (Cybernetics combo) on an Adaptec 39320A SCSI card.  In Retrospect, the Storage Devices > Environment tab lists the following:



1:0:0 DELL PERC 5/i

2:0:0 SONY SDX-700C 01b5 Sony AIT-3DC (1.40)

2:1:0 SPECTRA 215 1018 Spectra Logic Library (1.06)

3:2:2 JetStor Vol #00 R001

3:3:3 JetStor Vol #01 R001



However, in the Status tab, all I see is Sony AIT-3 DC (empty).  No tape library appears.


Is there a way to force Retrospect to recognize the library?






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If that doesn't do it you might consider these tips

1. if you are not using Windows Removable Storage Manager Service to share the library between multiple applications, disable the service altogether

2. I see that the Tape drive has a lower SCSI ID than the Library itself. Sometimes systems prefer to see the library first.

On most Libraries you can change the SCSI ID's of the changer and / or the drive. Set the Changer to 2.0.0 and the drive to 2.1.0 or at least make the drive a higher ID than the library.

You should find the SCSI settings buried in the Device Configuration in the library somewhere. 

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You might check for Updates. Retro may have an updated driver package or other updates. 

Help > Retrospect Updates

Also check the Compatibility lists on the Retro WebSite.  http://retrospect.com/en/devices


I am not sure I entirely agree with Lennart, In my experience the devices need to be recognised by Windows and show up in Device manager. Typically the Drive will be correctly recognised by name because windows has built in drivers for most tape drives. the Library / Autochanger may show up as "Unknown Medium Changer" in earlier Windows <= 2003 or by name in later versions which do have built in support for some Libraries.

Windows Removable Storage manager usually wants to take control of any tape drives and libraries it finds, hence disabling it to prevent contention.


If Retro Still does not recognise the devices, try loading the latest appropriate windows drivers from the Manufacturers (often they are newer than the built in windows drivers.)

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