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Proactive Backup Error -519 ( network communication failed )

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We have a Retrospect 10 server with a proactive backup script, and this error appears in the script logs.


"!Trouble reading files, error -519 ( network communication failed )


We have 10 Mac clients all setup to backup proatively. This error appears in the logs for various clients at one time or another.



1. What could possibly cause this error?

2. Where should I start troubleshooting?


Any tips/tricks on isolating the cause, or minimizing it as much as possible so we can get more successful proactive backups.


Our Configuration:

-Apple MacMini, 2Ghz ZIntel Core 2 Duo, 2GB ram

-OSX 10.6.8

-Retrospect server 10.1.0 (221)

-Retrospect client 11.0.0 (191)


Thanks for your time.




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