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How to make Retrospect "forget" a CD / DVD drive


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A long time back, I configured a DVD-RW drive on the computer to be usable by Retrospect for backup sets.


I no longer use DVDs for backups, but the device remains configured.


Now, whenever Retrospect fires up to perform a backup, it takes the drive over. If I was burning a CD, the operation is cut short; if I were watching a DVD, I'd not be able to continue until the backup is complete. I'm currently running a 3-hour backup job, and want to rip an audio CD, but I have to wait to do so.


Is there any way to ask Retrospect to forget everything it ever knew about the optical drive on my computer? Or is there any way to change it so that it doesn't insist on taking over the device unless it actually needs to use it?

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Pages 48-50.



"To see a list of the backup devices available to Retrospect, click Configure>Devices from the navigation bar, then click the Environment tab in the Storage Devices window."


"Toolbar Commands for Seeing Devices

The Environment tab’s toolbar has the following commands for seeing devices:

Ignore ID: If you select a device and click Ignore ID, Retrospect will not scan that ID when Retrospect is next opened after you quit. This may be useful if you are not backing up to your CD/DVD drive and want to use it to play music while you are backing up."

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Thanks for that, Lennart


I saw the button labelled "Ignore ID", but it sounded like it did something more sophisticated than "Forget Device". I wasn't sure what it's ID was, but I didn't think I needed Retrospect to forget the device's ID - so I didn't even get as far as checking the manual.


I guess there's UI feedback here for the developers - the label elsewhere in the software is "forget", so they could usefully use the same label here.


Thanks again!

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 the label elsewhere in the software is "forget", so they could usefully use the same label here.


That's exactly why I wrote "Forget" in my first reply. :)


EDIT: And the manual is (almost) only useful if you already know what to look for.

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